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-- You lock your keys in your car or trunk.

-- You are locked out of your car with your small child locked in the car.

-- Your transponder or smart key is not working and won’t open the car.

 There are many situations that can arise that will not allow you to wait to get it fixed.

Car keys used to be so simple. They were made of metal with cuts and grooves. If you had to replace the key, locksmiths could just get the number of the key from the dealership (or a database based on your car’s VIN number) and take a blank metal key and put it in a key cutting machine, which would cut the proper cuts and grooves into it. Those days are gone.

There are several types of car keys today, but the majority of newer models have either a transponder key or a smart key.


Most modern cars have this type of car key, which has a computer microchip embedded in a round plastic body.  The microchip responds to a signal sent from the car’s computer when the key is turned in the ignition. The computer chip is programmed to send a coded signal to the car's computer in order to start the engine. If the code is wrong, the engine won’t start. Many cars will shut down if the wrong key is used.


Smart Keys are not really keys. They are FOBs that are either inserted in the dash or carried on your person or in your purse. The driver turns the car on and off with the press of a button. They use computerized microchips and sensors to open and start a car without using a key. All that is required is to have these keys in person and your car will unlock and start because the key is close by.  

In an emergency, you really do not have the option of calling your dealership to get a replacement key because they generally will not send someone to your location with that key. They may tell you that you need to have your car towed to the dealership and it could be as long as 3-5 days before they can get a replacement key made. You can also bet that it will cost you a pretty penny.

Your best option is to call an auto locksmith near you. usually, they have the equipment and expertise to replace your key immediately without any towing involved and at a fraction of the cost of what the dealership would charge. We come to you and perform the work right there.for more information please read car locksmith in Tarpon Springs.

Most people do not expect that they would ever need the services of a mobile auto locksmith. However, emergencies arise where a mobile locksmith is your best solution. Why would you need an auto locksmith?

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