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Today's world is all about convenience—the more convenient the better.  We rely on electronics of all types and forms to help us get through our daily work and personal lives.  When one of those much relied upon electronics fails to function as expected, then we are left with a feeling of what do I do next.  Nevermore so is the feeling evident than when our key fobs stopped working.

Key fobs, as will most items, eventually stop working.  However, if you know why the fob has failed, then you will have a better idea of how to fix it.  There are various reasons as to why your key fob has decided to stop functioning, a few of which we will look at below.

Other reasons that your key fob refuses to work can be a little more complicated. In order to analyze what the problem might be, we suggest you try to follow steps:

1.  Use a backup fob—by using a backup rob you may determine if the initial fob is bad or broken.  Test your backup fob and if this one works, and you have already replaced the battery in your initial fob, then it is possible the initial fob is indeed bad.

Take the fob apart—check for any loose or broken connections or possible button misalignments.  It may very well be possible that the connections in your fob, maybe when dropped at some point, have become loose or completely disconnected.  The same with the alignment of the buttons to the wires.

Reprogram the fob—although this is a step that you could perform yourself, it is suggested that you have a professional actually tackle it.  This can usually be done by a locksmith or taken to your local car dealership.

Replace the fob—it may very well come down to you having to replace the fob.  Sometimes a fob will suddenly go bad, and when the cause is not the battery then total replacement may be your only course of action.

Although it can be a major inconvenience, key fobs will go bad.  In some cases they can be easily fixed, others may require a little analyzing to find the cause, and yet others may not be able to be fixed at all.  Once you determine the problem, then you may better proceed to a solution.


The most common cause of failure for a key fob to work properly is simply a weak or dead battery.  Like any other item that operates by way of a battery, when the battery becomes too weak or even dies it will need to be replaced.  More often than not by simply replacing the battery, your key fob will begin to work again.


Why Your Key Fob Doesn’t Work?