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Need a car key replacement? In most modern cars, an electronic key fob is an essential part of the key set for activating entry to the vehicle and allowing the engine to start.  There are various types of electronic key fobs.

 smart key fobs


Smart key fobs are actually keyless and allow remote entry and starting of the vehicle. Some smart key Fobs can be inserted into the dashboard to start the vehicle but most just have to be carried on your person. The smart key fob activates the starter to turn the car on and off by the press of a button on the fob.
Smart keys offer a high degree of security because the system prevents thieves from hacking into it by using codes that are randomly chosen rolling security codes. Only the vehicle’s computer will recognize the code transmitted by the smart key and once it is verified, will allow the engine to start.
Many vehicle manufacturers will only allow their authorized dealerships to program or replace their smart keys. However, some, like Toyota, will release their codes to an authorized automotive locksmith for programming or replacement of the smart key.


Transponder key fobs


Around 1995, vehicle manufacturers stared putting transponder chips in the plastic head of the key. The transponder chip transmits a signal to a receiver in the ignition. The car will only start if the ignition receives the correct signal when the key is turned. If this "immobilizer" detects the wrong signal — meaning that the wrong key is in the ignition — the vehicle will not start.
While the chip is implanted in the plastic head of the key, the shank of the transponder key can be either a laser-cut key or a “switchblade” key or just a basic key.

Laser cut keys are thick and have less grooves than basic keys.


Switchblade keys have shanks that fold up into the plastic head and can be released with the press of a button on the fob.

All transponder key fobs need to be programmed. Programming these remotes usually requires the automotive dealership or locksmith to connect a diagnostic tool to the vehicle to program the fob. Most automotive locksmiths should have a diagnostic machine.
If you lose your electronic key fob or damage it, an Automotive Locksmith will usually have the equipment and expertise to replace it or can advise you on the best and most cost-effective method available.

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