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Card Access Control systems 

No business wants an on-site mugging of one of its employees or vandalism or theft of its proprietary business products, equipment or information. Protection of your employees and business premises should be at the top of every business owner’s list.
Criminals are really not that sophisticated. Most criminals will choose a business that they can easily gain entry to without being observed. One of the best deterrents to criminals is a card access control system.
Card Access Control systems protect information, inventory, equipment and personnel by controlling access to the entrances of your business. These control systems control the authorization identification,
confirmation, access approval, and help monitor the overall safety of the building through login credentials.
Card Access Control Systems offer many advantages over lock and key entry systems:
Prevents unauthorized visitor access
There is no longer a need to replace keys or have locks changed when an employee is no longer employed; simply disable their door access authority through the access system software.
With a door access system, the doors will automatically lock when they are shut
Doors can be programmed to unlock automatically during business hours and lock at the close of business.
Complete audit trail, which allows you to see who has accessed your facility and where people have gone in your facility.
Restricts employee access to sensitive areas
Provide a record for review in case of a workplace incident
Electronic keys are difficult to duplicate, which makes your property safer.
These door entry systems can be simple or complex and can be installed in any size or type of building, a card access control system usually consists of lock hardware, restricted keys, electric strikes and the card access control equipment.
Most systems allow you to add features such as video surveillance or an audio alarm and easy addition of cardholders as your company grows. Some of the more advanced systems include internet-based monitoring options.
There are different options for card access control systems.Mechanical Key pad systems that require a numerical code
Electronic Pin systems that require a numerical code
Magnetic card readers that require a either swiping a magnetic card or smart cards
Proximity readers which only requires the card holder to present it to the reader a few inches away from its face
Biometric readers that scan fingerprints, hands, eye iris etc.
Electronic access control systems offer many advantages over traditional key-based access control in terms of cost savings, increased security, and convenience.
Locksmiths have been controlling access to buildings by use of keys and locks for years. If you are considering a card access control system for your building, you will want to use a fully licensed, bonded and insured locksmith with experience in card access control systems for the job. 

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