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​​WHEN SHOULD YOU CHANGE OR REKEY THE LOCKS TO YOUR HOME? There are many different reasons that you would want to change or rekey your locks. Improving the security or aesthetics of your home are just some of those reasons. Here are others.

1.   If you have just moved to a new home, your first step should be to secure your home by rekeying or changing the locks. The previous owners probably had copies of the key made and they may have given one of the spare keys to a neighbor, or family member. If you moved into a newly built home, the contractors have had access to the keys. This leaves your house vulnerable to anyone who has had access to your keys.

2.    If you or someone in the home has lost your keys, you do not know where the keys are and they could be in the hands of someone who could break into your home and take your valuables or do you harm. 

3.    If you have fallen victim to a burglar, you want to rekey your locks or change your locks right away to lessen the chances that an intruder or unwanted person will easily intrude into your home again.

4.   Perhaps you have had one or two locks changed in your home in the past, and now you have three or four keys to open all the doors to your home. Simplify your life by having your locks rekeyed or changed so you will have a master key or a single key that can be used to access all other locks inside and outside your home.

5.   Older locksets can be very worn and less attractive with wear and corrosion. Removing the existing lock and replacing it with a newer, more attractive model is the solution.

6.  Older locks can sometimes stick or the key can jam or get broken in the lock.  A damaged lock should be changed and replaced with a newer lock.

While replacing the lock is usually more costly than rekeying, you may choose to replace the lock in order to take advantage of newer technology or to replace worn and damaged locks.
Changing the locks on your home means removing the entire existing lock and hardware and replacing it with new locks and hardware.
Rekeying the lock involves changing the lock cylinder and tumbler and internal configurations of the existing lock so that it will accept a new key. Once your lock has been rekeyed, the old keys will not work.
Changing or rekeying the locks to your home ensures the security of your home when you move or lose your keys or just want fewer keys to deal with. It can also improve the value of your home.
Many people try to change or rekey door locks themselves. Unless you are very handy and knowledgeable about lock hardware, you should hire a locksmith to complete this task.
A locksmith can examine the condition of the lock and its installation. Many problems can be fixed without requiring the total replacement of the lock.
A locksmith has access to higher quality hardware than what can be found in a hardware store.
If the lock is not installed properly, your door may not open or close.
The process can be complicated and require special tools, which would cost more to buy than hiring a locksmith.
When hiring a locksmith to change or rekey your locks, make sure you hire one that is licensed and credentialed with the right experience to do the job.

Our home lock rekeying services are available for commercial, auto, and residential include rental properties, homes, apartments, condos, townhomes, and most residential property. read more about Our Residential Locksmith Services.