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A burglar can gain access to your home in less than 10 seconds without any sign of forced entry. How is this possible? Lock bumping is a technique that can be used by criminals to open cylinder and dead bolt locks.

What is lock bumping?

The knowledge of how to ‘bump’ a lock and the use of bump keys has been around for decades and has been used primarily by the locksmith industry, but in recent years the technique has been made available to criminals via the internet.

For most standard pin tumbler cylinders and some high security cylinders, if a key is obtained or made that fits the system, it can be cut in a specific way to turn it into a bump key. Bump keys for many common systems can be ordered online where there are also many instructional videos on how to bump locks. Actually though, any normal key can be turned into a bump key.

The key is inserted all the way and then pulled out by one position. At this point the pins are all at the lowest possible position, in the valleys on the key. The burglar then “bumps” the key with a quick blow from a mallet or a screwdriver. This causes the peaks on the key to quickly hit the bottom pins causing them to move slightly but the top pins shoot up. The burglar quickly turns the key and is able to open the lock.
Once a bump key is obtained, with only a few minutes of practice, a burglar can frequently open the lock with nothing more than the key and a blunt instrument.

In just a matter of seconds a criminal, even an unskilled one, can be inside of your home with no signs of forced entry with the assistance of a bump key. What can you do to protect you home and loved ones?
Consider having bump proof or bump resistant locks installed.
Professional lock manufacturers have created bump-resistant or bump-proof locks. These are high security cylinders, which are harder to pick or manipulate. Some manufacturers have implemented patented sidebar mechanisms and/or anti-bumping pins within their standard cylinders that will also prevent bumping.
Consider having your existing locks and deadbolts modified.
A locksmith can add additional pins to your existing locks and deadbolts, which makes it more difficult to bump the locks.
Add a secondary lock such as a chain or latch lock.
While neither the chain nor latch prevents a lock from being bumped, it provides an extra layer of security that a burglar has to get through in order to gain entry to your home.
Install a home security system.

If a door gets opened in a home with a home security system, then an alarm is set off and authorities are alerted and dispatched to your residence.
Call our experienced residential locksmith. He can come to your location with a range of locks that vary in security and features so that you can find the lock that offers you the best combination of affordability and security. Our certified locksmith will audit your home and your locks, find the weak entry spots, and give you professional advice and recommendations to ke
ep your home safe from intruders. Make one easy call and our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.