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Many burglars target patio sliding patio doors to gain entry to a home, as these are the easiest types of doors to defeat. Why?

1) Rather than a keyed lock, Most patio doors have a spring activated lock.  That means that it is fairly easy to flip the lock over to the unlocked position. A burglar can use that to shift the door in its track and cause it to unlock.

2) Patio doors are sometimes not adjusted correctly after installation.  Most sliding glass doors should have a built in mechanism that will adjust the height of the door and put more tension on the door to prevent an attempt to force the lock or remove the door from it’s track.  A piece of lumber or plastic in the top of the track can prevent the door from being lifted up. If the door was not adjusted correctly during installation, that mechanism may not work correctly.

3) Patio doors are made mostly of glass.  A burglar can is easily  break the glass and walk right into the house.  It the sliding glass door is made with safety glass, someone can easily break the glass without being injured.

Homeowners have several options to bolster the security of your sliding patio door.

Improve the primary sliding glass door lock.  

You may want to consider installing a lock that requires a key and is much stronger than what is currently on your patio door.  Another option is to install glass break detectors on the door.

Charley Bars

A Charley Bar is a simple bar mechanism that is installed in the interior of a sliding patio door. It has an arm that extends down to sit flush against the opposite end of the sliding patio door. This Charley Bar prevents the sliding door from being opened. It’s provides a little extra security.

Pin Locks

Pin Locks are installed in the center of the sliding door and the stationary door. Most pin locks have a chain attached so the pin stays close to where you need it mot. A Pin lock is another fairly easy security feature that can prevent a break in.

Patio doors get a lot of use and often aren’t closed properly. This can cause wear and tear and sometimes create a lock failure in the patio door lock mechanism. Have a professional locksmith routinely maintain them.

A residential locksmith can install new patio door locks to replace your old, worn down locks. They can also install charley bars and pin locks to add extra security to your patio door.




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